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Schloss Homburg

It towers majestically over the Homburger Ländchen with its mixture of forest, meadows and open landscape: Homburg Castle. Located 50 kilometers east of Cologne in the south of the Oberbergischer Kreis, the castle is a popular destination for excursions and conferences and a place steeped in history at the same time.

The castle was first mentioned in a document in 1276, but its origins probably lie even further back. Archaeological finds from 1999 suggest that a round tower was already located on the former keep in the 11th century. The castle - which today mainly serves as a cultural-historical museum under the auspices of the Oberbergischer Kreis - originated from an early medieval hilltop castle of the Counts of Sayn (later Sayn-Wittgenstein-Homburg). Its appearance has changed permanently since then; in the 17th century it took on the appearance of a baroque castle, which still characterizes it today. The ensemble also includes the Red House (former tithe barn), the forester's house and the translocated buildings of the historic mill and bakery.

Today, Homburg Castle is an ideal place for "culture in dialogue". The castle, the museum, and the new forum provide an excellent setting for cultural events such as concerts, readings, and film screenings, but also for weddings, celebrations, and conferences.


Museum Schloss Homburg
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